Friday photo: Arrowhead Lake in northern Laos

As a FAC in southeast Asia, it was important to always know where you were and how to expeditiously get the fighter aircraft carrying their bombs to join up with you. We used a lot of terrain features that were easily spotted and widely known by those who flew over that terrain for navigation. Pictured is Arrowhead Lake.

Friday photo: Approach into York, PA (KTHV) Runway 35

Approach to York Airport (KTHV) Runway 35, York, Pennsylvania. The summer brings opportunities for late flying, sunsets, and just beautiful green landscape.

Friday photo: B17 over the Boeing plant

I thought what better than to fly the iconic Boeing B-17G over the Boeing plant to mark the day. Shiny new jets were parked below as the old gal still gracefully flies overhead 87 years since the first B-17 rolled off the assembly floor. 

Friday photo: flying over the southern Nevada and California border

Looking south/southeast over the Nevada and California border on a training/repositioning flight in a CE425 at FL230 flying from Carson City, Nevada (KCXP) to Santa Barbara, California (KSBA).

Friday photo: fishing from the wing of a Maule

No better way to pass the time fishing from the wing of a Maule somewhere in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas while on a charter flight.

Friday photo: Middle Lake and Mount Susitna

During one of my first flight lessons, my instructor flew over a heart shaped lake and I thought it was pretty amazing.  I made it a point to mentally mark its location, just west of Goose Bay which is across the Knik River from Anchorage, AK.

Friday photo: Red Rocks of Sedona

As we ate lunch, a rain shower came through. Not only did we see a rainbow, we watched as my newly painted aircraft was getting soaked. After lunch, the weather had cleared and it was time to fly back.

Friday photo: pyrocumulus cloud in Australia

Capturing a farmer's field burn-off producing a cumulus cloud of its own on reaching the cloud base a thousand feet below me.

Friday photo: deviating around a thunderstorm

As I neared my destination, ATC called and suggested I divert around a thunderstorm along my route. After putting the airplane away, I sent my sister this picture. I forgot about it until she gave me a framed reprint for Christmas.

Friday photo: Hollywood sign

For destinations east, SoCal Departure will often direct pilots along the ridge of the Hollywood Hills. A glance and quick snap below delivered my new favorite view of this iconic landmark.

Friday photo: Dutch flower fields…spring in the Netherlands

During April/May, each year, the Dutch flower fields are in bloom and many visitors from abroad come over to view the fields.

Friday photo: Lake Tyrrell in northwestern Victoria, Australia

Capturing photos of this ancient salt lake which has evidence of indigenous occupation over the last 45,000 years. The lake is host to kangaroos, emus, white-faced chats and an inland gullery.

Friday photo: early morning over Sedona, AZ

We left in the early morning to avoid high winds and turbulence associated with winter storm Olive.  The shadows that the rock formations made around Sedona created a gorgeous view of the topography and was highlighted by the airport the rests on top of a mesa by Sedona.

Friday photo: The Las Vegas Strip

This trip was my first flight into North Las Vegas, and it was busy even after the tower had closed.  I was very focused on flying the departure procedure so I hadn't given any thought to where the procedure would take us relative to the city.

Friday photo: Boeing 737 shadow

We were beginning a descent into a lower overcast with the late afternoon sun slightly behind and on the right side. I happened to look out the left side window and was amazed to see the airplane’s shadow perfectly silhouetted against the cloud deck.

Friday photo: turning on a tail

My husband and I discovered flying in Costa Rica last year. We had the pleasure of exploring the land of Pura Vida by renting an airplane based at the Pavas (MRPV) airport, along with a local instructor. Through researching options available for GA opportunities, we found an excellent flight school in San Jose that gave us the direction and training to explore this beautiful country from the air.

Friday photo: last of the frontier DC-3s

My Dad wanted us to experience airline travel in a DC-3 before they were replaced with Convair 580 turboprops. I still remember the flight as it was my first in an airliner. We sat on the left side, towards the back.

Friday photo: Oahu at night from FL380

Oahu, HI and Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) shot from FL380 aboard a B787-9 Dreamliner enroute from Vancouver (CYVR) to Brisbane (YBBN).

Friday photo: Generations of air travel

The view: A DC-3 sits outside the Frontiers of Flight museum ramp as a 737NG shadow departs.  The first 737-300 delivered to Southwest airlines is also just visible in the upper left corner. The pilot: Chris Schaich The airplane: Boeing…

Friday photo: Grand Canyon wrapped in a blanket

Maximum depth of the Grand Canyon is 6000', shortest width is 600' with an average of 10 miles in most places.  Even BonBon could do the simple math.  So we puckered up for a "scenic flight" across one of the great seven wonders.