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Friday photo: When I grow up, I want to be…

On the ramp at Charlotte Monroe Executive Airport (KEQY)the morning after the 2015 Warbirds over Monroe airshow, seeing my airplane parked next to this beautiful warbird, I could almost hear it saying, “When I grow up, I want to be …”
otto pilot

Friday photo: DC-6 “autopilot”

Inflight demonstration of the DC-6 “autopilot”. It’s actually a Playtex glove which was rubber-banded to a cold-air eyeball outlet near the control wheel. The geometry was perfect and the glove mimicked the yoke movement. The dishwashing glove actually pulsated given the uneven airflow from the vent. 
tyndal glacier

Friday photo: flying up the Tyndall Glacier

On a bucket list flying adventure to Alaska, I cuaght this image flying up the Tyndal Glacier at the head of Icy Bay. There are too many memories to describe. The entire experience was surreal!

Friday photo: herding checks in southeast Asia

As Forward Air Controllers (FACs), we often supported supply convoys coming up the Mekong River to deliver food, fuel, and ammo to the people/defenders of Phnom Pehn (Papa-Papa), the capitol of Cambodia.  The bad guys would lie in wait for the convoy and then attack it with heavy weapons.
ocean city beach

Friday photo: Ocean City, Maryland in the winter

Having grown up in Maryland, flying over a resort that I have been to many times by driving, was great to see it from the air and longing for summer to come.  

Friday photo: Islands in the Sky

An eight year old boy was stranded in Cincinnati after a hospital visit and requested my assistance. There was a CAVU forecast Saturday from Asheville to Cincinnati and back to Atlanta then Asheville. I departed at 1410z to the northwest from Asheville. Mt Mitchell at an elevation of 6,684 feet pierced the cloud deck.

Friday photo: Flying north over Puget Sound

On the final stretch of flying over Washington on this five-leg day covering almost 700 nm at 84 knots. Earlier that morning we had left from Central California flying through Oregon to arrive at Orcas Island.

Friday photo: The Silver Hawk – 1981 Cessna 172P

The Silver Hawk, a 1981 Cessna 172P, was the ONLY Skyhawk painted silver to mark the Silver (25th) Anniversary of the venerable Skyhawk. Taken over Lake Fork, Texas, the 40+ year-old ORIGINAL paint still reflects the December afternoon light well.

Friday photo (video): Corsair startup and wing unfold

While waiting for the meeting to start, the CAF towed a Corsair out of their hangar and started it.  Of course, all the Daedalians came outside to watch (and to listen to) this beautiful aircraft start up. 

Friday photo: Dollywood Theme Park, Pigeon Forge, TN

Dollywood Theme Park, Pigeon Forge, TN while heading home after a $100 (well $200, actually) hamburger over Thanksgiving weekend and a beautiful fall day.

Favorite Friday photos of 2023

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Friday photo: Departure from Gastons Airport (3M0), Lakeview, Arkansas

The Ozarks, with the hills, rivers, and lakes, have some of the most beautiful grass strips around.  The long evenings of summer make it a great location for a relaxing flight.

Friday photo: Breaking out from a low IFR departure

The view: Low IFR departure just prior to dawn The pilot: Douglas Cole The airplane: King Air E-90 The mission: Transporting company personnel to a job site in Lewiston, ID with several stops on the way. The memory:…

Friday photo: Arrowhead Lake in northern Laos

As a FAC in southeast Asia, it was important to always know where you were and how to expeditiously get the fighter aircraft carrying their bombs to join up with you. We used a lot of terrain features that were easily spotted and widely known by those who flew over that terrain for navigation. Pictured is Arrowhead Lake.

Friday photo: Approach into York, PA (KTHV) Runway 35

Approach to York Airport (KTHV) Runway 35, York, Pennsylvania. The summer brings opportunities for late flying, sunsets, and just beautiful green landscape.

Friday photo: B17 over the Boeing plant

I thought what better than to fly the iconic Boeing B-17G over the Boeing plant to mark the day. Shiny new jets were parked below as the old gal still gracefully flies overhead 87 years since the first B-17 rolled off the assembly floor. 

Friday photo: flying over the southern Nevada and California border

Looking south/southeast over the Nevada and California border on a training/repositioning flight in a CE425 at FL230 flying from Carson City, Nevada (KCXP) to Santa Barbara, California (KSBA).

Friday photo: fishing from the wing of a Maule

No better way to pass the time fishing from the wing of a Maule somewhere in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas while on a charter flight.

Friday photo: Middle Lake and Mount Susitna

During one of my first flight lessons, my instructor flew over a heart shaped lake and I thought it was pretty amazing.  I made it a point to mentally mark its location, just west of Goose Bay which is across the Knik River from Anchorage, AK.

Friday photo: Red Rocks of Sedona

As we ate lunch, a rain shower came through. Not only did we see a rainbow, we watched as my newly painted aircraft was getting soaked. After lunch, the weather had cleared and it was time to fly back.