Top 10 articles of all time at Air Facts

New to Air Facts? This list of popular articles is a great place to get started. Enjoy!

10. The truth about the iPad. The iPad changed aviation when it was introduced in 2010. In this article, written just 18 months after its introduction, John Zimmerman considers why Apple’s tablet took off so quickly and how it changes life in the cockpit. Read more

9. Retractable singles: the good, the fad and the ugly. Some of the most iconic general aviation airplanes were single engine retractables, and Richard Collins explores the rich history in this fascinating article. From successes (Bonanza) to failures (Beech Sierra), hear his first hand opinion of some famous designs. Read more

8. The Skycatcher’s death proves the LSA rule was a failure. The Light Sport Aircraft rule was introduced with much fanfare, but a decade on these airplanes haven’t exactly boomed. Was Cessna’s withdrawal from the market further evidence of the idea’s failure, or just a bump in the road? Read more

7. Why you must fly a taildragger. 50+ years after the tricycle gear airplane was invented, why do tailwheel models still exist. In this detailed article, active flight instructor Anandeep Pannu explains the frustrations and the rewards of flying an airplane with the third wheel on “the wrong end.” Read more

6. Ten things real pilots do. A lot of hangar flying sessions inevitably cover “real pilots,” those fearless aviators who have it all figured out. John Zimmerman says that’s hogwash, and shares his own list of traits that make up a real pilot. Read more

5. Eleven things you must do with your pilot’s license. After passing the checkride, many pilots say, “now what?” This list is a great place to start, with some unforgettable flights to consider. Not all of them are long or expensive, either. Read more

4. Seven instrument approaches you have to see to believe. Ever flown an instrument approach and said, “that was crazy!?” These seven approach plates show just how odd an instrument procedure can get, from Aspen to Alaska. Read more

3. What’s wrong with Cirrus pilots? The Cirrus SR20 and SR22 were designed to be the safest airplanes in the sky, but early on they were far from it. In this important analysis, Richard Collins explores why, and settles on the person in the left seat more than the airplane. Read his thoughts, then the postscript four years later. Read more

2. How hard is it to fly an airplane? Simple. To a non-pilot, the act of piloting an airplane seems impossibly complicated. But pilots know better. It’s really pretty darn easy… well, mostly. Mark Fay explains in this thoughtful (and funny) article. Read more

1. What was wrong with V-tail Bonanza pilots? Much like the Cirrus, the V-tail Bonanza was a trend-setting airplane with a poor safety record. Once again, the debate came down to airplane vs. pilot. Richard Collins logged plenty of hours in V-tail Bonanzas, and shares his perspective. Read more