Bruce Landsberg

Podcast: trends in GA safety, with the NTSB’s Bruce Landsberg

There are four major causes of general aviation accidents, according to NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg. In this podcast interview, he reviews the latest safety trends, from VFR-into-IMC accidents to engine failures, and offers his tips for staying safe. He also shares some surprising statistics about the possible role of ADS-B traffic in reducing midair collisions, and explains why flight data monitoring should be adopted by far more GA pilots. 
Mac McClellan

Podcast: GA trends and urban air mobility hype, with Mac McClellan

Mac McClellan is a frequent contributor to Air Facts, but as Editor-in-Chief at Flying magazine for 20 years he flew just about every new airplane delivered since 1976. In this podcast episode, Mac shares his favorite ones and some that he wished he'd never flown. As a keen observer of general aviation trends, Mac also explains why pilots are flying fewer cross countries, why personal flying inevitably means tradeoffs between safety and efficiency, and what the future holds for urban air mobility/eVTOL proposals.
Palmer Lear 24

Arnold Palmer Talks Flying: A Baker’s Dozen with the Legendary Golfer

From logging nearly 20,000 flight hours to setting a round-the-world speed record, Arnie loved flying. This interview is from a recorded discussion I was lucky enough to have with the King himself in 2002, where he shared some recollections as a pilot.
Route 66 with Cub shadow

Transcendental reactions – how aviation and photography work together

Russell Munson is one of aviation's most celebrated photographers, contributing to Richard Bach's classic book Jonathan Livingston Seagull and dozens of cover photos for Flying magazine. He's also an active general aviation pilot. We asked him about photography, airplanes and what happens when the two come together.
Cal Rodgers

The inside scoop on aging airplanes, new engines and pilot skills

This article is the latest in an occasional series where we talk to interesting pilots from across the aviation industry. Here we pose 12 questions to Matt Thurber, an experienced pilot, A&P and aviation journalist who knows aviation from the inside and outside. He previously worked for FLYING magazine, and now covers safety and technology for Aviation International News and Business Jet Traveler magazine.

11 questions for John Laming

It would be difficult to describe an aviation career more colorful and varied than that of Captain John Laming. In our latest interview, we ask the experienced military and airline pilot about everything from the Battle of Britain to modern simulator training.

10 questions for AOPA’s George Perry

The new leader of AOPA's Air Safety Institute, George Perry, comes to the job with a diverse aviation background, including 20 years as a US Navy fighter pilot. He's no stranger to general aviation though, from learning to fly as a teenager to owning a Mooney. We spoke to Perry about his approach to safety and his hopes for general aviation's future.

11 questions for Alaska bush pilot Mort Mason

Here’s another in our series of Air Facts questions for aviation community members. Mort is a longtime Alaska bush pilot, now retired and living in Florida. Mort is the real deal when it comes to bush pilots and we knew he would have some fascinating insights.

10 questions for new AOPA President Mark Baker

From time to time, we ask a particular aviation personality to answer some random questions. Today it's Mark Baker, the new president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). We asked him about his background and his vision for the future of GA.

9 questions for Harry Clements

From time to time, we ask a particular aviation personality to answer some random questions. Harry Clements was an aeronautical engineer for many years with his hand in the design of some well-known airplanes. Now retired, we posed these questions to Harry to delve into the mind of an engineer.
Hal Shevers

11 questions for Hal Shevers

We asked Richard Collins. We asked Mac McClellan. Now Air Facts has given Sporty's Founder and Chairman Hal Shevers 11 questions to answer. Both a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished pilot, Hal is well-known for Sporty's philanthropy in giving back to the general aviation community.

13 questions for Mac McClellan

When we asked Air Facts editor Richard Collins 13 questions in a recent article, readers told us they wanted more. So we put EAA Director of Publications Mac McClellan on the spot in this latest edition. For over 30 years, Mac was the Editor-in-Chief of Flying magazine, where he was known for honest opinions. He shares more in this article.
Richard L. Collins

13 questions for Richard Collins

Richard Collins admits that, "I have never been bashful about sharing my opinions and experiences." In this frank and personal interview, he answers 13 questions about flying technique, safety, personal mistakes and more.