Hungry Pilot: Piccadilly Lilly Airport Diner

Our latest stop in the search for the perfect $100 hamburger takes us to Wisconsin. The Piccadilly Lilly claims it offers home cooking and "the best biscuits and gravy around." The airport is also close to an interesting architectural landmark, making it a fun excursion for pilots.

Hungry Pilot: the Hangar Hotel Airport Diner

Airport Diner may not be a creative name, but this diner is far from ordinary. Right next to the famous Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas, pilots flock to this restaurant for big breakfasts and great milkshakes.

Hungry Pilot: Half Moon Bay, California

In the latest installment of our search for the $100 hamburger, we head west to the 3-Zero Cafe. This airport restaurant features big breakfasts and a scenic location.

The hungry pilot: flying with Subway

Why was I happy to see a report that the longtime Wichita, Kansas, FBO, Yingling, would soon have a Subway at its facility?
Airport at PA88

The Hungry Pilot: Nemacolin Resort, PA

This large hotel and resort has its own private airport, just steps from the lobby. Fly in for a good burger or a elegant French dinner--there are plenty of options at Nemacolin.

The Hungry Pilot: Rough River Dam State Resort Park

In our latest article searching for the perfect $100 hamburger, we travel to Kentucky. Rough River offers a beautiful lake, a nice lodge with a restaurant and even an airport within walking distance. What's not to like?

The Hungry Pilot: Annie Okie’s Runway Cafe

For our latest "Hungry Pilot" feature, regular contributor Will Eifert takes us to Oklahoma City and Annie Okie's Runway Cafe. The restaurant is right on the runway at the busy Wiley Post Airport, with great views of departing airplanes.

The Hungry Pilot: Skyline Diner, Salem Airpark

In our search for the best $100 hamburger, this one might take top prize. That's because the Skyline Diner in Ohio features a true $100 hamburger package--including an airplane ride.
Sky Galley

The Hungry Pilot: Sky Galley, Cincinnati

The Sky Galley is an institution in the Midwest, having welcomed pilots and local diners for decades. It's located right inside the beautiful old terminal building at Cincinnati's Lunken Airport, so the location is a strong point. In addition to the history of the art deco building, the Sky Galley features a large outdoor patio that looks right onto the ramp.
High Jackers

The Hungry Pilot: High Jackers, Palm Coast, FL

It's time for our latest "Hungry Pilot" report, this time from Florida. High Jackers is located right on the field at the Flagler County Airport. Park your plane and walk to the edge of the ramp. In less than a few steps you'll be enjoying a fantastic meal.
Stearman Field Bar and Grill

The Hungry Pilot: Stearman Field Bar & Grill

The food and surroundings are always great and Saturday and Sunday breakfast are especially fun because many times the locally-based customers are out with their Stearmans, Pitts, Extras, etc. and the airplane activity is fun to watch. Try it sometime--you won't be disappointed.

The Hungry Pilot: Airport Cafe, Urbana, Ohio

With this article we are launching our latest feature, called simply "The Hungry Pilot." We'll highlight the best airport restaurants, from small town diners right on the runway to five star establishments within walking distance of an airport. As usual with Air Facts, we want to hear from you, too.