High Jackers
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High Jackers

High Jackers restaurant is right on the ramp.

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Restaurant name: High Jackers Restaurant

Airport: Flagler County Airport, Palm Coast, Florida (KXFL)

Famous for: Extensive menu and live music

Restaurant tips: High Jackers is located right on the field at the Flagler County Airport. Park your plane and walk to the edge of the ramp. In less than a few steps you’ll be enjoying a fantastic meal. This restaurant fills the needs of those who are hungry for lunch or dinner, but be warned: you’d better bring an appetite and bring a plane that can handle a full belly load takeoff.

Out back (or out front depending on your view of the restaurant) you’ll find canopied dining tables where you can watch the planes come and go. Come on a weekend and you’ll find a ramp full of weekend pilots flying in for the camaraderie and the great selection of food. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate large groups with inside seating and outdoor seating.

Airport tips: Flagler County Airport in located on the East Coast of Florida just north of Daytona Beach and South of Jacksonville. The airport is an easy stopover for anyone traveling North and South along the eastern seaboard of Florida. The airport has two runways that are both 5000′ x 100′ paved and in good shape. Fuel prices at this airport tend to be some of the lowest in the region.

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  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    What a delight that there is now an airport restaurant at Flagler. I used to fly in there from time to time years ago, and there wasn’t a restaurant in those days. I am happy for north central Florida folks to be able to enjoy a restaurant at Flagler now. My friends used to live in Flagler Beach and that too brings back wonderful memories from my college days, and oh to picture a 172 to boot! I loved flying various 172s in those days. What fun.

    Fly safe, and have fun!
    Kathy :-)

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