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Restaurant name: Annie Okie’s Runway Café

Airport: Wiley Post Airport (PWA)

Famous for: Dining with a great view

Restaurant tips: Annie Okie’s Runway Café is a popular stop for both pilots and the non-flying community alike. You’ll find the restaurant attached to the terminal at Wiley Post Airport on the west side of the Oklahoma City metro.

Annie Okies Runway Cafe

Annie Okies is very close to runway 35 – so get a table with a view.

What I found fascinating about this restaurant is how close it is to the airport’s primary active runway. It’s worth the wait to get a seat in the restaurant’s atrium, a section with a wall and ceiling of windows that faces out onto runway 17/35. Getting a seat here gives you a great view of the wide variety of aircraft that operate here, from big business jets to Cessnas.

The menu at Annie Okie’s is a sort of creatively named free-for-all. Breakfast is served all day long, including some massive omelets. My personal recommendation is the club sandwich. There’s something for everyone here. The prices are reasonable.

While I didn’t do a great job of scanning the menu, most of the items here looked to be in between $7-$15. This restaurant is simply a great breakfast/lunch option.

If you’re a photographer, make sure to take a moment to step outside and up to the fence. You’ll be at a great angle to get some shots of departing aircraft.

Airport tips: Depending on when you visit Wiley Post, it can be fairly busy. During the week the airport is usually bustling with corporate traffic. But if you come in on the weekend, especially on Sunday, you can expect a slightly less crowded airspace.

As always, be sure to look over the airport diagram before you arrive. While getting around on the ground here is fairly easy, Wiley Post has 3 runways and, on a busy day, it helps to familiarize a bit beforehand.

The controllers at Wiley Post are very helpful. Just request to taxi to the terminal and you’ll find parking right in front of the restaurant.

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