The Hungry Pilot: Annie Okie’s Runway Cafe

For our latest “Hungry Pilot” feature, regular contributor Will Eifert takes us to Oklahoma City and Annie Okie’s Runway Cafe. The restaurant is right on the runway at the busy Wiley Post Airport, with great views of departing airplanes.

From the ashes: a flight instructor returns to flying

When I first met Matt Cole I thought that he wasn’t a pilot, and there is some truth in that. He isn’t just a pilot. Matt is the epitome of the spirit that has kept man flying, the love of being aloft so strong that not even a close encounter with death can keep one away from it.

I Can’t Believe I Did That #4

More than a year before I set foot in a cockpit, I moved to Oklahoma. I remember a friend of mine telling me, “If you don’t like the weather here, give it fifteen minutes and it will change.” It was a good joke at the time, but once I started flying, this statement would serve as a constant reminder every time I sat behind the controls.