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Air Facts Challenges All Young Pilots

Become a published author on Air Facts

We want to hear from you and share your stories with our readers.

Attention all pilots from 16 to 24 years old. Your voice needs to be heard as part of the general aviation community. It’s not just multi-thousand hour pilots who have wisdom to share and stories to tell.  You are the next generation of pilots. For you, the good old days are right now!

Air Facts is sponsoring a Summer Writing Challenge for young pilots. You’re learning to fly–or are already a pilot–challenge yourself one step further and become a published author at Air Facts. We want to hear your story.

All summer long, Air Facts will publish stories from young pilots in addition to our usual content of stories about safety, history, weather, technique and a dozen other topics.

If you’re a young pilot or know a young pilot, here are the guidelines:

Write a 750 to 1000-word article on one of the following topics:

  • The Moment I Felt like a Pilot. Was it your first solo? The first cross-country? When you passed your checkride? Whatever it was, tell us about it.
  • My First Passenger.  There comes a time in every pilot’s life when a family member or friend trusts you to take them for a flight. Who was your first passenger? Describe the flight to us.
  • “I Messed Up.” Every pilot has made incredibly dumb mistakes. That’s why a pilot’s license called a license to learn. What was your mistake? How did it happen and what did you learn from it?
  • Five Flying Adventures I Want to Have. When you look to the future, what’s on your “must-do list” as a pilot? Fly to Oshkosh during AirVenture? Find a backcountry airport and go fishing? Land a corporate job flying jets? Whether it’s a big or little flying adventure, tell us what’s on your list.
  • You Pick the Topic. What’s on your mind as a young pilot? If you have a point of view, a story to tell or something to share with the GA community about your experience as a pilot, send it to us.

Write your story in a Word document and send it to [email protected]. Include a digital photo of yourself and a two- or three-sentence description about yourself (where you live, whether you’re in school or working, how old you are, etc.) We’ll let you know when your story is published.

We want to read your story in Air Facts.

Air Facts Staff
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