Friday Photo: Chinese Wall, Montana

This week's Friday Photo takes us to the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana, where the 12-mile long Chinese Wall offers a stunning display of Mother Nature's power. Pilot Jeff Morrison captured this spectacular vista at sunrise from an S-35 Bonanza.

Friday Photo: Boston civil twilight

There's nothing like a sunset when viewed from the cockpit of a light airplane. This week's Friday Photo is a striking example, and Frank Facchetti explains why this one has a little extra meaning for him.

Friday Photo: Sydney Harbour view

Seeing Sydney Harbour from Harbour scenic 2 with some friends on a command hour building flight, which doubled as a scenic flight. Sydney looks amazing from the air, Harbour scenics are a pilots dream, a short flight, but one with great memories that will last a lifetime.

Friday photo: Glacier Park, Montana

This week's Friday Photo takes us over the soaring peaks of Glacier Park, Montana. Pilot Wes Strubhar snapped this photo from his Cessna 182 on a flying B&B trip.

Friday photo: Burning Man 2015

For one week each year, the desolate Black Rock desert in Nevada becomes a swirling city of parties and new friendships - Burning Man. It even has its own airstrip, which pilot Jim Salters used to capture this aerial view of the temporary city.

Friday photo: Mt. Rainier from a Flybaby

Flying an open cockpit airplane versus a cabin airplane is like the difference between a car and a motorcycle, but without the traffic. There is a sense of oneness with the machine and the environment. A small, single-place, open cockpit airplane accentuates that even more.

Friday photo: a 6-year old’s first air-to-air shot

After a long summer day at the FBO the boys and I decided to go for a late evening airplane ride. Sullivan (6 years old) was very excited about the view out his window and I gave him my iPhone to take a picture. The result is an uncropped picture that to me that shows the joy of flying old airplanes, flying with friends and family.

Friday photo: Montana mountains

In our latest Friday Photo, aviation writer Amy Laboda shares a great shot of Bozeman Pass from their RV-10. It represented the end of a 1000 mile VFR flight, and a perfect summer vacation.

Friday photo: Chicago skyline

This week's Friday Photo shares the view from an annual aviation pilgrimage - the flight to Oshkosh in mid-summer. From many parts of the US, this flight means the chance to fly past the Chicago skyline, which offers a stunning view.

Friday Photo: Denali from an Aerostar

In the second installment of our Friday Photo series, Larry Baum shares a gorgeous shot of the famed Denali, from the cockpit of his Aerostar. Read about his long trip from New York to Alaska.

Friday photo: Manhattan skyline

Today we are kicking off our latest series, called simply the "Friday photo." Each week we'll share a great photo taken from the cockpit - one that shares the joy, beauty or fun of flying. First up is Ian Seager, with a stunning view of Manhattan.