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Mooney over rainbow small

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The view:  A stunning rainbow just off the wing

The pilot: Ethan Levi

The photographer: Elizabeth Levi, with her iPhone

The airplane: 1980 Mooney 231

The mission: Flying back from Grants Pass, Oregon (3S8) and getting vectored to the ILS 13R approach into Hillsboro, Oregon (KHIO).

The memory: A nice ending to a flight that started in the clear in southern Oregon and into clouds as we flew into a low pressure area in the Portland area. The rainbow nicely marked the moods of all aboard.

Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in our weekly series called simply the “Friday Photo.” Each week we’ll share a great photo taken from the cockpit – one that shares the joy, beauty or fun of flying. If you’d like to join in, send your photo and description (using the format above) to: [email protected]

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