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Friday Photo: Mt. Hood reflections

An inky black, velvety smooth departure emerging into a beautiful dawn. The passengers I am on the way to carry are two upbeat, optimistic friends who treat their cancer together with low-dose chemotherapy. I look forward to lifting their spirits by both flying them and by telling them funny stories and jokes from court and life.

Friday Photo: Monday over the rainbow

Wow. That’s about the only reaction that seems appropriate after seeing this week’s Friday Photo. Ethan Levi’s wife snapped this photo of a beautiful rainbow just off the wing of their Mooney as they were vectored for the ILS 13R approach into Hillsboro, Oregon. Hopefully good weather and light winds were at the end of this rainbow.

Friday Photo: Mt. Rainier in a frame

Mt. Rainier is a stunning sight for anyone, especially from the cockpit. But of all the in-flight mountain shots we’ve seen at Air Facts, this one may be the most interesting. Ethan Levi shares this great shot from his Mooney M20K on the way to Portland.