Airport fence no trespassing

Our airports look like prisons

Almost every airport these days--regardless of size or location--is locked up, treated like a dangerous weapon instead of a community asset. As licensed pilots, many of us probably don’t even notice this anymore, but the message our airports are sending out is clear: stay away.

Washington Report: written testing changes proposed

In 2011, a rash of Knowledge Test ("the written" to long-time pilots) failures at numerous flight schools caused a bit of a stir, and the FAA admitted that they had added a number of new questions to the test question database without notifying test prep providers or flight instructors. In response, an Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) was formed by the FAA to study the issue of Knowledge Tests in general.

The Great Debate: the worst FAA regulation is…

How do we tell the good FARs from the bad FARs? Specifically, what is the right balance between safety and the utility we all want from our airplanes? And what do you think is the worst FAR of all? Join this lively debate and add your comments.
Predator drone

The Great Debate: are UAVs a threat?

New legislation raises numerous questions about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), most of which are unanswered at this point. How will UAVs "see and avoid" piloted airplanes? What type of airspace will drones be flying in? What is ATC's role? What are the limitations on who can operate a UAV? Add your opinion.
Buffalo crash

Dick’s blog: right seat upgrade?

The FAA is famous for writing proposals using illumination from burning airplane wreckage. The latest is a notice of proposed rulemaking that would increase the requirements for a pilot to serve as a first officer on U. S. passenger and cargo airlines. To say that this is probably the most sweeping change ever proposed is almost an understatement.
User fee sign

The Great Debate: user fee questions

The greedy politicians stay on a never ending quest for more money to shovel into the abyss. Given this, and given that there has been a campaign to demonize corporate jets, the imposition of general aviation user fees is in the latest budget proposal.
Sheriff with pilot

The Great Debate: an accident waiting to happen

We've all heard the phrase, "that pilot is an accident waiting to happen." Do we, as pilots, have a responsibility to do something about these people or should we leave them alone? If we do intervene, what should be done? Confront the pilot? Report them to the FAA? Warn their passengers? And how bad does it have to get before you step in?

John’s blog: does anyone understand NextGen?

Have you heard about NextGen? It's the FAA's plan for a Next Generation Air Transportation System, and it's going to save pilots money, protect the environment, improve safety and generally solve all the world's problems. There's just one problem with this rosy forecast--no one has any idea what NextGen means.