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Oahu, HI at night

The view: Oahu, HI and Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) shot from FL380 aboard a B787

The pilot: Captain Richard Pittet

The airplane: B787-9 Dreamliner

The mission: Enroute from Vancouver (CYVR) to Brisbane (YBBN)

The memory: aren’t I one lucky guy!

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Richard Pittet
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  1. Dale C Hill
    Dale C Hill says:

    I was 75-100 miles west of Florida’s west coast over the Gulf of Mexico setting up for a student F-16 pilot to conduct night intercepts on a ‘bandit’ (me) attempting to enter the ADIZ. Heading west with a solid undercast on a moonless night I climb up to FL 490 in our MOA. This puts the student having to find me going fast (.99 Mach) once I turn east and tell him, “Fight’s on!”. With every cockpit light OFF, I could read the lineup card on my knee and every single instrument. I felt like I had infinity in my lap with the countless stars overhead! Yes, we aviators are the lucky guys!


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