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Guitar tree on ground

The view: The Tree Guitar

The pilot: Emiliano Beltramone

The airplane: 1983 Beechcraft Baron 58

The mission: Autumn Ferry Flight over Córdoba Province Argentina

The memory: During a ferry flight from Laboulaye to Coronel Moldes, I spotted “The Guitar Farm” located near Levalle Town in Southern Córdoba Province, Argentina. The history behind this amazing creation by the farm owner said it was a gift to her wife. The Cypress and Eucalyptus trees covering around 25 hectares were planted by 1970 having a height of 15 to 25 centimeters at that time. After 35 years they were fully developed as we can see now.

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Emiliano Beltramone
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  1. Enderson Rafael Teixeira dos Santos
    Enderson Rafael Teixeira dos Santos says:

    That is simply amazing! I record so well a similar tree shaped more like a squared guittar on the base to final of the ILS 11 at Ezeiza. (-34.80608837580667, -58.75221537024678). That’s is a good idea for one distant day in the future when I own a ranch myself. Besides the grass field, of course.


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