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The view: A Stearman finds well-earned rest.

The pilots: Bob Mills and Chris Schaich

The airplane: 1942 Boeing N2S-4 Stearman

The mission: Flying the Stearman from Ohio to Reno, Nevada.

The memory: This was the end of day 7 of a 9-day journey flying cross country to get the plane to its new home in May of 2020. We had been battling high winds and turbulence for seven hours by the time we landed at Winslow, AZ (INS).  We pushed the big biplane out of the wind and into the hangar that the airport FBO made available to us. After closing up the doors and unloading, I took a minute to take in the view. The old hangar creaked and made that lonely howl as the wind protested our respite from its blustery harassment. This hangar has stood for many years at this prominent airport, built by notable aviation legends Lindbergh and Hughes. The humble Stearman was now sheltered in for the night.

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Chris Schaich
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  1. HTH Greeter
    HTH Greeter says:

    Great picture!!! A beautiful Stearman in a very special, wonderful hangar is a treat to see. Not only does Chris fly well, he has an artistic photographic eye. Good job Chris! The best to you in Reno!


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