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The view: Procedure turn inbound at Blair, Nebraska (BTA).

The pilot: Dave Johnson

The airplane: 1960 Beech Bonanza

The mission: A little instrument practice to knock the rust off, shooting the RNAV 13 into my home base.

The memory: It was one of those smooth as glass evenings and we had already made two other approaches. I was ready to finish this last approach and call it a day when my safety pilot said, “take your foggles off. You’ve got to see this.” I came out from under the hood and was again amazed at the beauty that sometimes can only be appreciated from an airplane. God sure knows how to paint a beautiful picture. I quickly captured the moment on my cell phone then it was turn inbound on the localizer to finish another trip in my flying machine.

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  1. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful shot. I’ve lived in Omaha and now Lincoln for over 50 years and have seen many such sunsets, but they never get old.


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