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The view: A dead engine

The pilot: W. B. Johnson

The airplane: Cessna 414

The mission: Flying home to Springfield, MO, from Flying Cloud in Minneapolis. I was bringing my son (an airline pilot) and his family home for Thanksgiving on a bitterly cold Thanksgiving Day.

The memory: Our Cessna 414 brought us home without incident, but it was a costly trip (the turbocharger went to lunch without us, and my son couldn’t resist a snapshot).

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  1. CK
    CK says:

    I miss the “slide-outs” at the bottom of the pages on the old website that linked to archived pics and articles. Is it only me?

  2. Duane Mader
    Duane Mader says:

    Just curious. What were the symptoms? I’ve had turbos leak and quit producing, have had watergate stuck open, again no extra power- to having one shell out and spew debris into the induction side.

  3. W. B. Johnson
    W. B. Johnson says:

    Hi Dwayne. The only symptom was the engine suddenly became normally aspirated. I called my mechanic at Autopilots Central/Sparks Aviation and he suggested I fly it down to Tulsa (from Springfield MO) so they could check it. The turbo was toast by the time I got there, and there was metal throughout the engine and prop governor, necessitating an overhaul. Not sure that was a good recommendation from Sparks.


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