Columbia Mountains
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Columbia Mountains

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The view: The sun setting behind the Columbia Mountains in eastern Washington State

The pilot: Kevin Cook

The airplane: Piper PA28 Warrior

The mission: Last leg of my first long solo cross country as a student pilot

The memory: With all there is to see and accomplish during one of these flights the most memorable part was the awesome assistance I received from all the different controllers I interacted with during the five hour flight. Being new and not so proficient regarding radio work, I was certainly intimidated by the sheer number of communications I would need to execute in order to complete this flight. Not to mention the unfamiliar airports I was flying into. EVERY controller from approaches, towers, departures and center were kind, helpful, patient and accommodating. We truly have an amazing ATC system in place in the US and if I could thank each controller I spoke with personally that day I would. Actually I know I thanked and apologized on more than one occasion on that flight.

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