Video tip: talking with air traffic controllers

Some pilots are afraid of Air Traffic Control (ATC), as if the voice on the other end of the radio is trying to catch pilots making mistakes. That’s just plain wrong, as this video shows. Controllers are humans just like pilots, and they’re actually there to help. Meet Eddie Albert from Cincinnati Approach and learn what controllers expect from pilots, plus some tips for getting the route you want in flight.

This video tip is from Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course.


  • I believe that pilots don’t like talking to ATC because they talk to fast and are hardly understandable. Pilots who fly IR don’t have the same problem because they talk to them all the time. VFR pilots need to do it rarely and just not used to doing it. One of the main reasons I like LSA flying.

    • This is true, our ATC here around Orlando FL do talk fast and if you ask for a repeat they seem to get “put out”, or won’t wait for you to write the info down, same thing, they call you back to see if you are still there, now you have to stop writing and answer or they get at you again. Me, I don’t call unless there is no other way. The problem is not with the pilots, the problem is with the ATC people, they should be taught to slow down. All pilots don’t speak nor write in code. So, a note to all ACTs, just sit tight while I finish, I’m doing the flying, YOU are safe on the ground.

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