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Welcome to our latest Caption Contest at Air Facts, where we post a photo and call on our very talented readers to provide a caption for that photo. Check out our most recent one below and if an amusing or clever caption comes to mind, just post it as a comment. In two weeks, we’ll cut off this contest and the staff of Air Facts will choose their favorite caption.

You will be rewarded for your effort! The winning caption writer will receive a prize: a personally autographed copy of Richard Collins’ latest book, Logbooks: Life in Aviation.

Good luck and have fun!

Update – we have a winner!

Congratulations to C. E. Sherrod for his winning caption:

“And you thought flying cars were a new idea!”

Air Facts Staff
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  1. velojym
    velojym says:

    John Deere enters the aviation industry! Pulling a plough, however, was an entirely different challenge from the air.

  2. Phil
    Phil says:

    The wheelchair-bound used to be forced to extreme measures just to get over a curb! Things are much better now.

    • Macon Pane
      Macon Pane says:

      My winner…!!! All good, but this one made me laugh the most.

      Dunno why, but my immediate thought was “Hey Kitty, Kitty”… go figure.


  3. Jim Macklin
    Jim Macklin says:

    Government engineer designed an eco friendly flying toilet that not only distributes and sanitizes. It was soon discovered that it also cured constipation.

  4. Ken Stephens
    Ken Stephens says:

    Notice how our aerodynamic top bar not only retains the pilot’s hat, it creases it just right!

  5. Steve Reid
    Steve Reid says:

    His idea of risk management might be different from yours. (credit to Richard Collins)

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