The best in the world, and a truly good man

Memories are stored like snapshots in a shoebox. Moments frozen in time. Dick Collins was hunched over his typewriter tapping away that day in the fall of 1964 when I first saw him. He politely said hello, but kept working against a deadline as his father, Leighton Collins, showed me around the Air Facts office in Princeton, New Jersey.

Transcendental reactions – how aviation and photography work together

Russell Munson is one of aviation’s most celebrated photographers, contributing to Richard Bach’s classic book Jonathan Livingston Seagull and dozens of cover photos for Flying magazine. He’s also an active general aviation pilot. We asked him about photography, airplanes and what happens when the two come together.

Are we our brother’s keeper?

The line between trying to help and being a nosey know-it-all is narrow. A little soul searching before criticizing others might make us all better pilots. Yet, you can’t in good conscience see an accident waiting to happen and do nothing. What to do is a judgment call.

Bless the jets

You might as well know right off the bat that I don’t have a jet, never have, and it’s beginning to look like I never will. The funny thing is, though, there are places I wouldn’t be able to go to without them. I’m talking about the King Airs and Citations that are flying every day into small and medium sized towns to do business.