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Diversity: The Double-Edged Sword of General Aviation

It turns out that there is no legal requirement for the instructor to be familiar with the avionics being presented for the IPC.  Beyond flight time in the make and model of aircraft flown, it’s entirely up to you, the pilot, to be able to manipulate the panel to accomplish the tasks required to complete the flight(s).

The Silent Treatment: Techniques in Learning

I clearly couldn’t hear what she was trying to say to me, so she had the wisdom to leave her ego at the door that day and line up another instructor who she thought could take the same concept and say it in a way that would somehow get through to me.  In essence, she brought in another stone mason.

Witnessing a horrific accident forges a pilot’s journey

First, we could see the top of the plane and the top tip of the tail through the gaps in the tops of the trees. Then the windshield, then the wings, and then over the whine of the engine there was a ‘CRACK’ and the plane shuttered. The nose rose sharply then sank. ‘CRACK’ ‘CRACK’ ‘CRACK’ it began to shear out the tops of the trees as the nose pitched further and further down.

Confessions of a timid pilot

Would it be VFR by the time I got there? Maybe… maybe not. Sure I’m instrument current, but is that good enough? Maybe… maybe not. It’s legal, but legal isn’t always smart. So, with full tanks I taxied back to the hangar and, after some light ribbing from my flip-flop-wearing buddy who questioned my judgment on such a perfect day, we heaved her back into the hangar.