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Join Air Facts Editor, John Zimmerman, as he interviews some of aviation’s most interesting people in the popular Pilot’s Discretion Podcast. You’ll recognize some of the guests as contributing authors at Air Facts. From honest discussions about flight training, to fascinating stories from world famous airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly. No news or fluff, just thought-provoking conversations. If you missed any in 2023, you can catch up with our 10 most popular episodes below. And if you’re not already a subscriber, be sure to follow along in your favorite podcast app.

Pilot's Discretion podcast10. Safety habits and aviation lobbying, with Jeb Burnside (episode 49). Aviation Safety magazine editor Jeb Burnside has plenty of helpful tips to share, but as this episode shows, he’s much more than just a writer. His long experience as an airplane owner and even a lobbyist makes Jeb one of aviation’s most interesting people. LISTEN >>

9. Safety lessons learned at the NTSB, with Robert Sumwalt (episode 64). From corporate aviation to the airlines to Chairman of the NTSB, Robert Sumwalt has been studying aviation safety his entire career. Here he distills lessons from that long career, including why professionalism is the key for any pilot and why airlines need to “get back to basics.” LISTEN >>

8. What MOSAIC means for pilot training and airplane designs, with Dan Johnson (episode 58). The new MOSAIC rules proposed by the FAA could change how light aircraft are certified and how pilots train. There’s no better guide to this exciting new world than Dan Johnson, former president of the Light Airplane Manufacturers Association and a well-known writer. LISTEN >>

7. IFR flying tips and gear-up landing stats, with Tom Turner (episode 45). To help kick off Sporty’s IFR Month in February, we heard from Tom Turner, one of aviation’s best-known flight instructors. In this episode, he talks about how to stay current, when to use the autopilot, and some surprising statistics on gear-up landings. LISTEN >>

6. Surviving a plane crash on a frozen lake, with Tom Comet (episode 60). When the airplane engine quits over a remote part of Canada, your options are limited. For Tom Comet and his friend, this was just the start of an incredible adventure—one packed with lessons for all pilots. In this riveting episode, he shares the story and what he learned. LISTEN >>

5. Instrument flight training and taildragger lessons, with Elaine Kauh (episode 46). In another IFR-focused episode, experienced instructor and IFR magazine editor Elaine Kauh talks about the finer points of instrument flying, including when to cancel an IFR flight plan, why takeoff briefings are important, and how to manage glass cockpits. LISTEN >>

4. Learning from every flight, with Steve Thorne (episode 48). Steve Thorne (aka Flight Chops) is one of YouTube’s original aviation stars, and he’s learned a lot over the last decade—about flying and about himself. In this episode, he explains why a post-flight debrief matters, how to do a good one, and why he shares his videos with over 350,000 followers. LISTEN >>

3. Why angle of attack is overrated, with Ed Wischmeyer (episode 62). Loss of control accidents are a problem, but longtime pilot and engineer Ed Wischmeyer says there simply isn’t a miracle cure. He explains why angle of attack indicators, stabilized approaches, and energy management are all overrated—and the concept he teaches pilots instead. LISTEN >>

2. Why GA is experiencing a renaissance, with Craig Fuller (episode 42). GA is booming, and new Flying magazine owner Craig Fuller says this isn’t just a passing fad. He explains why he believes the industry is experiencing a renaissance right now, with a new generation of pilots attracted by YouTube and a new generation of aviation businesses funded by venture capital. LISTEN >>

1. Why airplane accidents are not just stories, with Steve Green (episode 55). Pilots think about accidents all wrong, according to author and retired airline captain Steve Green. In this thought-provoking episode, he explains why you can’t predict every accident, why protecting margins is the key to safe flying, and why pilots must have an overarching strategy beyond just following the checklist. LISTEN >>

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  1. Tom Comet
    Tom Comet says:

    Wow, what an honour to have my episode on the venerable top ten list for 2023. I had to have a forced landing to get there but it was worth it! Thank you Airfacts and Pilot’s Discretion for all the amazing information and stories that you share with our pilot community. You provide a great resource to us all.


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