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The view: Filtered sunrise reflection on the mouth of the Brunswick River

The pilot:  Chris Granelli

The airplane: 1981 Cessna Centurion 210N

The mission: Early morning flight from North Carolina to Florida for lunch, afternoon tee time, and dinner with a friend.

The memory: This was a 24-hour trip… I cannot imagine a non-GA life. The final portion of the stricken cargo ship Golden Ray, which beached there in September 2019 (just days after my family and I finished a week’s vacation there) can be seen inside the “ropes,” mid-mouth of the channel. It was gone two days later, per another friend (esteemed aviation writer E. Cox), who noted as much on approach to SSI runway 24 (seen in left of photo) in his company’s Falcon 900, ending an almost two-year “slice & dice” removal project. Jekyll Island (09J) can be seen in right of photo.

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