Shelf cloud at airport
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Shelf cloud at airport

The view: Sea fog at Panama City, Florida (ECP)

The pilot: Bruddy Cravens

The mission: Local flight

The memory: Here in Florida we experience the beauty of some of the best weather views quite often, especially as winter turns to fall (which is rather quick as our winter lasts about an hour… sure seems that way!). The phenomenon of sea fog can turn a bright, sunny, warmer day into a blanket of fog in minutes. The airport is roughly 16 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. I followed the fog as it moved inland and as I was on short final I saw it start to roll back into the sky as it met the warmer air. This is one of the results.

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  1. Em
    Em says:

    I am based at KSRQ (Sarasota). I fly a well equipped Turbo Arrow. There are a bunch of ways to stay instrument current and just normal cross country flying keeps me close most of the time. But most of those basic IFR approach conditions or even worse simulator approaches, really don’t give you super solid practice. But your Sea Fog does! When Sea Fog rolls into KSRQ it means a quick trip to the airport to shoot some of the best approaches possible. It puts the approaches over the water into low, low IMC and with DA of 227′ you are typically right at that cut off coming in. But what makes Sea Fog great is when you don’t breakout by 227′ and you have to go missed. Inland, like virtually the moment you are starting your climb out, you typically pop into the clearest, freshest VFR conditions. Settle your nerves, adjust your charts, and make the call to ATC “Thank you sir, may I have another!”


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