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The view: Sunrise in Monument Valley, Utah.

The pilot: Bruce Windom

The airplane: Vans RV-8

The mission: Bucket list destination

The memory: After four days of touring the canyons of the West, I was looking at nearly 10 hours of flying time to get home. I checked out of the hotel early and walked across the street to the airstrip, watching the horizon slowly brighten. At exactly sunrise, I took off and grabbed a couple of “secondary sunrises” of the big, red fireball cresting the mesa. Made it home just before sunset!

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    • Bruce Windom
      Bruce Windom says:

      Well…I saw the sun come up as I took off, then it was obscured by the mesa until I climbed up a little, and then I saw another sunrise.
      Sorry…kinda confusing I guess.


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