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The view: US Navy Harpers Ferry-class LSD passing through the York River Coleman Bridge enroute to the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station ammo pier.

The pilots: Bill Coburn and CFI Bob Rantanen

The plane: Grumman-American AA5B Tiger

The camera: iPhone 6S

The mission: Get out of the house (pandemic blues) and shoot some practice instrument approaches in typical August hot, humid southeastern Virginia weather.

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  1. Bill Heaphy
    Bill Heaphy says:

    Reminds me of my last flight as Captain on the 747. Shooting a visual to 8L at Honolulu I was fortunate that the beautiful aircraft carrier Enterprise was departing Pearl Harbor. Having been based at Hickam AFB I had witnessed the flags flying and sailors lining the decks on departure a few times but never such a large vessel as the Enterprise. Having soloed and received my PPL in Hawaii I remembered the notams about large ships and their high antennas possibly entering the glide slope area. With that thought in mind I slowed to minimum approach speed and gave way to the Enterprise. I swear I could hear the ships band playing Anchors Away. Truly a beautiful sight.


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