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The view: Sunrise over Hampton Roads, Virginia

The pilot: Tom Dorl

The airplane: 1979 Cessna 172N

The mission: Captured a nice sunrise ahead of a beautiful day

The memory: Early morning always reminds me of a fresh start, a new day, and a chance to learn and gain experience(s) as a pilot. While crawling out of bed seems less than desirable at 0500, views like this are rare, priceless, and worth every effort to capture aviation moments in time like this.

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Thomas Dorl
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  1. Bill Rose
    Bill Rose says:

    I’m moving to Chesapeake next month. At what airport was the photo taken? I’m based at KSFQ and I’ll probably focus my initial flights to local airports to get familiar with the area.

  2. Enderson Rafael
    Enderson Rafael says:

    My best flight ever took me from Florida to Virginia in a Piper Archer in october 2013. After a huge and fast front passed, I flew under a flawless orange sky as the golden light touched the high overcast from below. Thank you for sharing, and yes, I’m not a fan of waking uo early either, but the view is quite something, and the opportunity of a fresh start is priceless.


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