first flight with dad
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It was a calm evening and the sun was setting behind the Blue Ridge Mountains as the familiar smell of leather and avgas instantly brought me to my happy place.

“Skyhawk 73X, cleared for takeoff.”

first flight with dad

First flight with dad – what a feeling!

I smoothly advanced the throttle, my heels on the floor as I guided the Cessna 172 down the centerline of the runway. Once airborne, my face broke into a wide smile as I turned to my dad and our eyes met. Words were not needed in that magical moment. My first flight with a passenger was an achievement earned through much hard work and dedication.

I did not grow up around aviation. In fact, before I started flight lessons, I didn’t personally know anyone who was a pilot. When I was fifteen, my family moved to a small town in North Carolina. We lived near the small airport, and I would look up in the sky at the sound of every airplane passing overhead. I remember wanting to feel what the pilot was feeling and see what he was seeing. I longed to fly.

One day, the airport was having an open house, and I begged my parents to take me. I was fascinated by the airplanes and I could hardly contain my excitement as I took my first flight in a general aviation aircraft. I was squished in the back seat of that little plane, peering out the tiny window. As soon as the wheels left the ground, a feeling of pure ecstasy filled me and I knew I had to fly. From that moment on, whenever I looked up at the little airplanes passing overhead I told myself, “I’m going to be a pilot some day.”

Flying was all I could think about. I began saving my money for one purpose: flight lessons. My dad unknowingly started my aviation journey by gifting me a discovery flight for my 21st birthday. He thought the flight would satisfy my need to be in the air. But instead, that discovery flight fanned the flame of my love for aviation. My burning desire became my ultimate passion, and there was no turning back.

With the words “You’ve got this,” my flight instructor closed the door and for the first time I was left in the cockpit on my own. As I taxied the airplane to the runway, I tried not to think about the empty right seat. Fear mixed with excitement as I lined up with the runway centerline and took a deep breath. As I gripped the yoke and added full throttle, all fear and nervousness was left on the runway behind me. Calm and confidence reigned in the cockpit. It was just me and the endless open sky.


Passing the checkride changes you forever.

That little airplane was the gateway to another world. Another world where it didn’t matter what I looked like, what my background was, or what my social status was like. All that mattered was that I was flying an airplane.

Although my aviation journey has been met with many challenges and setbacks, I have never lost the thrill and excitement of my first solo flight. Each new milestone brings new excitement. The aviation community is truly the most welcoming and encouraging. When I climbed into the cockpit of an airplane, I never once thought that I couldn’t be a pilot. One day I might be behind the yoke of a commercial airliner, but my heart will always be with the small planes of general aviation. That is where my journey began. I will be forever grateful for that day at my local airport, when one plane made one girl’s dream come true.

Does my dad regret starting me on the aviation path? Not one bit! My parents saw aviation transform their shy, quiet daughter into the strong, confident woman I am today. When they see my eyes light up at the sound of an airplane, or hear the enthusiasm in my voice when talking about aviation, they know it was all worth it. Every time I get behind the controls of an airplane, I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Flying isn’t something I simply do, it’s who I am.

Malena Modirzadeh
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  1. Joan Quilter
    Joan Quilter says:

    Dear Malena, I, thoroughly, enjoyed your article. Maybe, one day I’ll go up above the clouds with you.

  2. Janet Fizz Curtis
    Janet Fizz Curtis says:

    Hi Malena – you and I are distantly related and I saw this story on Leyla’s Facebook page. Huge congratulations on your fantastic achievement. Very well done.

  3. Mahnaz Motayar
    Mahnaz Motayar says:

    Dear Malena,
    You inspire us. I could feel your care, compassion, courage and resilience every time I had a chance to be in your presence. Congratulations. Fly high. Those who are flying under your wings are blessed to be carried by an angel like you. Blessings and best wishes s you go through the rest of your soul’s journey.

  4. Parisa
    Parisa says:

    Hi Malena,
    Loved the article!! As I read it, I heard your passion and excitement and I couldn’t feel anything but admiration for where you are in your life today. Proud of you!

  5. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    Hi Malena,
    Enjoyed your story. I was lucky to have a mentor who in 1962 took me under his wing and brought the dream alive. Still Flying at 77 and love it. Keep at it because it is magical.

  6. Jorge Lange
    Jorge Lange says:

    Malena, nice work!

    Sent link to this article to my daughter to encourage her to continue with her flying (she flew several times in GA AC; now reading Rod Machado’s flying bible).

    BTW, we lived in Iran before coming to US — and your family name sounds Iranian. Am i right?

    All the best!
    Jorge Lange

    • Malena
      Malena says:

      Thank you, Jorge!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and I hope it can be of some use to your daughter.
      You are correct about the family name.

  7. Ernie Kelly
    Ernie Kelly says:

    There’s as much to your story in the many family members who commented as there is in your official text. A family that supports your dreams, whatever they are, is a blessing. Blue skies to you, young lady!

    • Malena
      Malena says:

      I agree, Steve! I love introducing people to aviation and I love hearing stories about those who have been bitten by the aviation bug.

  8. Rick
    Rick says:

    Hello Malena,

    What an incredible journey you are having. What you wrote was me back in the 70s. I wanted to be a pilot from as early as I can remember and when I was 30 I realized that being a pilot wasn’t something I ‘wanted’ to do, it was something I HAD to do. You expressed that as well.

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your article. I will save it and re-read it many times. You have captured that feeling that only people with a true passion for flying can understand. I hope you will write more articles for this magazine as you continue your wonderful flight through life. You have a tremendous talent for words and I, for one, really appreciate it.


    • Malena
      Malena says:

      I really appreciate your kind words, Rick! It truly is an amazing journey! Encouraging words from people like you make it all the better!

  9. Hunter Heath
    Hunter Heath says:

    Malena, thank for an almost spiritual story. I hope that you will share your passion with many women who can be lured into their own aviation journeys. There aren’t enough women flying, building, restoring, or designing airplanes!

    • Malena
      Malena says:

      I love sharing my experiences and learning from the experiences of others. I have found aviation to be very welcoming to anyone. I encourage everyone to become involved in any way that interests them!

  10. Peter N. Steinmetz
    Peter N. Steinmetz says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishments which I hope are just the start for your career in aviation. Nicely written story that brings back fond memories for many of us.


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