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The view: Father’s Day 2020 with my son AND my dad over Lake Anna in Bumpass, Virginia.

The pilot: Mark Barron with son Blake Barron and father Bob Barron

The airplane: Powered Paraglider (PPG) – Fly Products – Flash Cruiser tandem trike with Simonini 202 motor; wing is MacPara Pasha 5 – 42meter

The mission: When I flew with my son in a Waco biplane at the Flying Circus in Bealton, Virginia, in 2019 he couldn’t stop talking about the flight. Not because of the plane so much but because I was pointing out all the fields, lakes, and corn mazes I see when I fly over the same area in my Powered Paraglider. I had been flying PPG for about 3 years but couldn’t take anyone up with me without additional training for the Ultralight FAR Part 103 Tandem Exemption. I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Florida to get my exemption and bought a trike in February. After getting about 30-40 flights in the new trike I finally took my son and my dad up on Father’s Day while vacationing at Lake Anna. It was a fantastic day.

The memory: This Father’s Day will be hard to top. Two years ago I surprised my Dad and landed in his back yard on Father’s Day morning for coffee. Here’s a YouTube video. During coffee I asked him if he would ever fly with me. He said “No freaking way!” But I guess he had a change of heart… here’s proof that he flew with me two years later to the day. Blake has been wanting to learn to fly PPG since I started. My wife and I want him to be a bit older before trying it so this was the next best thing. Besides, I can teach him how to fly a lot easier in the tandem trike.

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