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The view: IFR Between the layers

The pilot: Steve Rochelle

The airplane: 1969 Cessna 182N

The mission: Going to see the Alabama grandkids

The memory: It is 98 degrees and 80 percent humidity in Mississippi, and you are shooting practice approaches with an instrument instructor sitting in the right seat. It’s hard to remember why you are putting yourself through this for an instrument ticket. Then the day comes when you are able to turn a six hour drive into a 90 minute flight. On a trip to see the family in Alabama, my wife and I were blessed to break out above the bottom layer and beneath the top layer. Then I remembered that it was all worth it.  Between the layers in air so smooth that you would be unaware  you were moving if it were not for the dark blue and gray clouds passing underneath and above. These things that we fly are truly time machines and a load of fun to boot.

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