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The view: Left traffic for runway 01C at Dulles International Airport (IAD)

The pilot: Hans Carlson

The airplane: Cirrus SR22T

The mission: Heading back from a flight review at Leesburg, VA

The memory: Generally Friday afternoons are a hive of activity at Dulles Airport outside of Washington, DC, with a steady stream of incoming 777s and A380s from Europe and Asia all arriving within a few hours. Today, however, with all the coronavirus cancellations, Dulles was a perfect spot for a couple of touch and gos on runway 01C. Sad to see all of the parked commercial aircraft but nice to be the only aircraft in the pattern. Thanks to Potomac Approach and IAD Tower for all of the time and the long runways…

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  1. Phil D.
    Phil D. says:

    … shucks, I remember the early days at Dulles … it was called “the white elephant” because “who in their right mind would ever want to fly to or from an airport in middle of nowhere?” … Page was the FBO … the “come on down” persona from the controllers … only 2 north/south runways … the use of taxiways as runways (i.e., “36” adjacent to runway 1) … the “old” iconic control tower … and when the controllers would light up the approach lights … so you could see them from Frederick or Godfrey Field … and of course, NO SFRA!! :-)


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