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The view: Abeam Mt. Washington at 7000 feet

The pilot: John Cotton

The airplane: 1974 PA32-260, N44130

The mission: A scenic flight around the White Mountains of New Hampshire

The memory: It was one of those beautiful, severe clear winter days we get in New Hampshire. From time to time I overfly Mt. Washington and visit my dad’s ashes, which I spread from a plane back in 2006, in accordance with his wishes.

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  1. Doug H
    Doug H says:

    That’s a great view. Been up there on my motorcycle. Beautiful area. I think I need to plan a flight out there once we can travel again…

  2. Joel Godston
    Joel Godston says:

    GREAT photo John. My wife, Annemarie, and I, Joel, lived in Mountain Lakes/North Haverhill, NH after I retired from Pratt & Whitney in 1992. We owned a 1976 Cessna 182, based at 5B9 airport; and had many, MANY flights to, and around Mt. Washington. Our oldest ‘youngster’, Peter, skied down Tuckerman’s Ravine a number of times…. and the only way you able to do that, is to walk ‘over’ to where you begin your almost vertical ski descent. From what Peter described about the VERY RAPID descent, the ‘ski run’ ends in front of tavern at the bottom of Tuckerman’s Revine I never did that; but the views from over and around Mt. Washington from both the air and ground are ALWAYS very special. Cheers, and if you, et al, venture to Seattle, let us do get together for lunch or dinner to share stories, etc.

  3. Larry Lehman
    Larry Lehman says:

    Great reminder of how beautiful NH is from the air. I flew over, near Mt. Washington in a BE36 and a C185 on amphib floats years ago. Now, I only live in Exeter, NH in the summer, do some instructing out of MHT and fly a C182T out of PSM, but I still marvel flying in the NE.


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