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The view: Cubcrafters Sport Cub at Sugar Ridge Airport (WS62) in Verona, Wisconsin

The pilot: Brian Natoli

The airplane: Cub Crafters Sport Cub

The mission: Aspiring pilots

The memory: All shown are pilots. Brian Natoli is flying the Sport Cub and is a sport pilot. On the park bench is Ron Montano, a commercial airline pilot. Next to him is Kara Randall, a student pilot. All are accomplished in different ways. To paraphrase the words of Leonardo DaVinci, “All have tasted flight and long to return.”

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Pete Aarsvold
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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    The flying stories…too long and descriptive for this venue. My fist flight at age 11 in a Piper Cub from Moraine Air Park on the south side of Dayton, Ohio. Jumping out of a perfectly good 172 at Green County Sport Parachute Center circa 1970. My numerous pic flights in Cessna 150’s, 172’s, Piper Cherokee 140’s (high and low wing experience), Grumman US2C service in the USN (crew, but got lots of airtime due to a understanding Lt. {Captain to you AF zoomies… NEVER call a Navy Lt. “Captain”} who swore me to secrecy…we were towing gunnery targets 8,000 ft. in the air 50 miles off of San Diego for “The Fleet”), C-130…hands on for two hours on the way back from Honolulu to San Diego, sporadic time off of the coast of California from the Naval Missile Test Center Pt. Mugu to North Island NAS. More 150’s and 172’s and then the hang gliders and then the ultralights……..and then the proper instruction at Ryan Field in Tucson from an instructor that had more hours in the air than an Albatross…I named him that ….”Al” for short….he smiled. Interspersed in this was flying all of the aircraft at our airline training center, as I was best friends with two of the Simulator Technicians and I would have free reign of the simulators not being used or in maintenance all night long. If it’s a sunny day free of emergencies with light breezes blowing I can start, taxi, take off, fly, return, land a 737 757, 767, 777, and a few euro-weenie Airbus computer games. Fly with me? NO !……..but in a pinch with no problems I can scare the beJesus out of you and get it (them) on the ground with a minimum of damage. It continues to be enjoyable and fun.

    • sarrah vaughn
      sarrah vaughn says:

      This message is for Paul who commented his first plane ride was at age 11 at Moraine Airpark.. I am collecting the memories and history of Moraine Airpark and wish to ask if would you share that memory with me? Please email me at [email protected]

  2. Bazz
    Bazz says:

    That picture says it all…especially for me. Way back in 1970, I stumbled across Cub which looked just like this one…and it was for sale! I sat beside her, walked around her for ages…I was in love! Her looks and her credentials were perfect, so I raced off to my bank manager for a chat. I also picked the brains of the maintenance engineer who took care of her. All good to go, or so I thought.

    When I got back to see her again…she had a new owner and it wasn’t me! :(


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