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The view: The vast plains in the vicinity of the north-south state line between Texas and New Mexico near Eunice, NM.

The pilot: Macon McDonald

The airplane: 2008 Diamond Star DA-40

The mission: Returning home from visiting family in Artesia, NM

The memory: What a spectacular sight. The plains of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico seem to go on forever and with the vibrant blue of the sky contrasted by the white of the puffy cloud, well it was a picture worth putting in the family photo book.

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  1. Kim Hunter
    Kim Hunter says:

    Something you don’t mention, but is clearly visible in the lower right corner of the photo, is the expanse of oil pumping pads which extends from horizon to horizon between eastern NM and Odessa TX.

  2. John Mullan
    John Mullan says:

    I fly a DA40 too. The combination of the bubble canopy and the wing slightly behind the pilot make for an IMAX like view of whatever is out there. It’s one of the main reasons I bought my plane.

  3. Drew Gillett
    Drew Gillett says:

    dont forget to stop at bolger tx where they pump 100ll straight out of the ground or klvs at 7000 for plaza hotel

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