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The view: Phoenix, Arizona, at sunset.

The airplane: Cessna 172

The pilot: Kimberly Prodan, CFI

The mission: A night flight lesson

The memory: Watching a young student pilot fall in love with the view.

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Kimberly Prodan
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  1. Bill Tucker
    Bill Tucker says:

    I’ve flown over Phoenix at night many times. I am always awestruck by the sight. It’s like a glittering carpet of jewels extending to the horizon. I’m sure it’s the same for other cities. I’ve taken dozens of night photos, some from the same vantage point as Kimberly, flying the east transition over Sky Harbor. Taking a picture at night, with a slow shutter speed, from a moving aircraft, is always a challenge. But the air is smooth and the plane will fly itself for a while. It’s a magical experience.

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