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The view: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, orbiting the main tower until “cleared to proceed” to leave the EHAM CTR

The pilot: Willem Luuk Nijdam

The airplane: Cirrus SR20X

The mission: Passing through the CTR from west to east, ie from the coast (Zandvoort) to Pampus (VOR) to proceed the Lelystad Airport (EHLE)

The memory: Passing through the CTR of Schiphol, one of the busiest airports in Europe, is a granted privilege for private pilots who are familiair with the CTR of EHAM. Preparation is key – knowing which runways are in use, wind direction, etc. – so that controllers can give direct commands which are followed promptly. Orbiting the main tower is executed to stay clear of the thresholds of the runways in use. After that, direct clearance is given to a certain waypoint leaving the CTR.

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