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Welcome to our latest Caption Contest at Air Facts, where we post a photo and call on our very talented readers to provide a caption for that photo. Check out our most recent one below and if an amusing or clever caption comes to mind, just post it as a comment. In two weeks, we’ll cut off this contest and the staff of Air Facts will choose their favorite caption.

You will be rewarded for your effort! The winning caption writer will receive a prize: a personally autographed copy of Richard Collins’ latest book, Logbooks: Life in Aviation.

Good luck and have fun!

Update – we have a winner!

Congratulations to Ian Flint, who submitted the winning caption: “Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. The ace is supposed to remain in the cockpit.”

John Zimmerman
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  1. Mark Sletten
    Mark Sletten says:

    Just keep swinging ’til we get the photo; we can’t afford to land and pick up the ball again.

  2. Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson says:

    From the last gym newsletter I realize sacrifices had to be made to maximize our limited resources but where is it going to end?

  3. Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson says:

    I changed my mind Frank. This is not a good way to find a birdie for our game of badminton.

  4. Brady H.
    Brady H. says:

    V-totw – Best speed for playing tennis on top of wing.
    (Note: for most aircraft, V-totw is 0 knots IAS)

  5. Joel Godston
    Joel Godston says:

    WOW! The Caption Contest winner Ian Flint with the photo and caption, ” Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. The ace is supposed to remain in the cockpit,” is GREAT. I flew in the Air Force, Mass ANG and private sector for almost 60 years…. have taken over 35,000 saved photos, and an ‘Aviation Nut’. I would like to contact Ian to ‘chat about his photography ‘work’ and Aviation. How can I do that?

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