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We celebrate the great stick and rudder pilots of aviation history, but in reality, flying is mostly a mental game. Sometimes it can even feel like your mind is working against you in the cockpit. In this month’s video tip, learn about four mental traps that can cause anxiety and even an accident if you’re not careful.

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  1. Scott Philiben
    Scott Philiben says:

    Some aircraft have non precision fuel gauges. Not all Aircraft have non precision fuel gauges

    Cirrus Aircraft since 2012 have precision fuel gauges. While a majority of flying aircraft have questionable fuel indication. there is a growing population of aircraft that have embraced modern technology for measuring fuel. That number is 5,000 aircraft and growing by 1,000 aircraft each year.

    Interesting fact is that none of the aircraft with precision fuel gauges has had a fuel starvation or exhaustion accident or incident. Makes you wonder.

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