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Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in our weekly series called simply the “Friday photo.” Each week we’ll share a great photo taken from the cockpit – one that shares the joy, beauty or fun of flying. If you’d like to join in, send your photo and description (using the format below) to: [email protected]

Steve Phoenix pic

The view: Mt. Rainier from the West on an early fall afternoon.

The pilot: Stephen Phoenix

The airplane: Flybaby homebuilt

The mission: To see how high this Flybaby could go (10,000’)

The memory: Flying an open cockpit airplane versus a cabin airplane is like the difference between a car and a motorcycle, but without the traffic. There is a sense of oneness with the machine and the environment. A small, single-place, open cockpit airplane accentuates that even more. Early fall is the best time of year most everywhere. Of course it’s nice to have some great scenery to go with it, but almost anyplace offers a memorable flight when you can combine the sight, sound and smell.

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