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A couple of years ago when we were hatching the idea for an online magazine called Air Facts, I made it clear that, because of my age, I certainly couldn’t be the future of any such publication.

From the start, I worked with John Zimmerman from Sporty’s and Pat Luebke, an independent editorial contractor. Coming in, John was new to the magazine business and it took some coaxing to get him started writing. Once under way he accelerated like a jet and has become a prolific and talented writer.

John has also done most of the production of Air Facts and I for one think it is a really good-looking site. That is all John’s doing.

Up to now, we have not had a masthead. I presumably had the title of Editor-in-Chief and John and Pat didn’t have a title.

Now we are adding a masthead and I am going to move aside and let John have the title he deserves: Editor-in-Chief . I will still be on board but as Editor Emeritus, or, old coot who is still hanging around.

To illustrate the democratic nature of this activity,  I asked Pat Luebke what title she would like to have. For the many years I worked with Pat at FLYING she was on the other side, the advertising side, so I wondered what editorial title she would like. Her choice: Managing Editor. So be it.

My personal thanks to all who have supported Air Facts, both as readers and writers. A publication is no more than its content and its audience.  Air Facts scores at the top on both counts and I am confident it will continue to do so.

Air Facts Masthead

Richard Collins
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    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      Hi James. My name is Jennifer Shaddox. My dad, James Shaddox died in a plane crash back in 1978.. I honestly didn’t know there were other Shaddox’s out there! Where are you from?

  1. Stephen Gray
    Stephen Gray says:

    Great to see Richard giving due credit to John, it is surely deserved. I am glad that Richard will still be sticking around and hope that he will still share his wisdom and insights on a regular basis.

  2. Bill Scott
    Bill Scott says:

    Personal to Dick Collins.

    Both my laptop and mobile were stolen. Each was backed-up to the other. I had an email address for you – – but it is gone.
    Dick you are, without a doubt, the the most avid promoter of the P210 of anybody I know – – anywhere in the world. I’m still in Botswana.

    Just finished reading the December 2012, issue of the AOPA Pilot – -(they take a while to get here) particularly the article on the Silver Eagle. I’m sure you have comments and ideas about that beautiful up-grade to an already super airplane. Of the 14 in the USA, is yours one of them? Don’give me your old story about “at this age”, etc. I was born in 1931. I think that puts me a little bit ahead of you. I’m still an active CFII, DE, Advanced Ground, etc. and flying a 210 throughout Southern Africa regularly. Your comments please.

  3. Brent
    Brent says:

    As a contributor and avid reader of Air Facts, I have been really impressed with this excellent publication. I am sure that under John’s leadership it will continue to flourish. There is so much value for the readership, that I can’t image not stopping here weekly to catch up on what has been published.
    Thanks for your amazing contributions and I hope to continue to see your work.
    As always, keep up the great work, both in your writing and editing.
    Keep them on track.


  4. Dale K Brooks
    Dale K Brooks says:

    I remember reading your father’s articles back when I was in high school and first becoming interested in avaition. My roomate was a classmate whose parents were missionaries in Papua New Guinea (we were in Manila, Philippines). A Mission Avaition Fellowship (MAF) pilot and his family lived next door.

    Later, I remember reading and enjoying your articles for many years in Flying Magazine. Thank you for your many years of insight, and thank you for so graciously passing the baton. That’s one of the things that makes aviators such a special group. I’m no longer able to fly due to medical issues, but still enjoy the vicarious thrills of flying in the different articles and the discussions they generate.

    Once again, thank you, sir. You are one of the folks I continue to hold in very high esteem.

    Dale K Brooks

  5. Michael Foster
    Michael Foster says:

    I’m relatively new to piloting at 3 yrs. and 200some hrs…. but in that short time I quickly grew to love your wit and respect your wisdom. You’ve done a great job and I, like so many others, want to thank you.
    Wishing you blue skies, smooth air, and tailwinds!

  6. Richard
    Richard says:

    I recently found this website and Air Facts. Great site with even better articles. Really enjoy reading the weather related information. Especially, the stories on real weather flying and decision making.

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