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Air Facts is a collaborative effort — we need you!

Air Facts is all about YOU.

Of course, we appreciate all our volunteer writers who share their stories here at Air Facts. Your real-life experiences entertain and inform us. Air Facts wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without that effort, and we are grateful for it.

But we are also thankful for all the everyday folks who increase the value of Air Facts by adding comments. We genuinely (but not literally) swell with pride over our readers. As veterans of various online forums, we think we have the best commenters on the Internet.

At Air Facts, there is no bullying, no name–calling, no drama — just thoughtful, insightful, sane and civilized discussions.

We love the variety of people who comment — sure, we have regular commenters, but unlike most on-line forums, we don’t have two or three people who dominate and bicker to the point of boredom for all. So a big thanks to our commenters — we need you as much as we need our writers so please keep it up.

Having said that, we will continue to urge our commenters — and all our readers — to think about sharing a story with us. “Write an article” can seem intimidating — we’re not asking you to write an article. All you have to do is tell us your story.

Every pilot has a story or two (or ten) inside them — please share one of yours.

In fact, most of the articles at Air Facts are written by readers like you. We don’t care if you failed freshman English and can’t spell worth a darn. We can fix all that — just share your story with us. All of us in the pilot community can learn from one another.

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