Write for us

Air Facts is a collaborative effort – we need you!

Air Facts is all about YOU.

The real-life experiences of our readers entertain and inform us – every year, dozens of everyday pilots write an article for Air Facts. We wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without that effort, and we are grateful for it.

Do you have a story to share with us?

First of all, the don’ts. You don’t have to be a published writer, or any kind of writer at all, to contribute to Air Facts. You don’t have to worry about commas and spelling. We’ll copyedit your story for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistent style. You don’t have to be a multi-thousand hour ATP to contribute. In fact, we enjoy stories from student pilots and new pilots as much as we enjoy stories from the seasoned pros.

What kind of stories do we want? The beauty of an online publication is that we are able to publish what we call the small story. That means we are interested, for example, in a story just about a great flight. We like stories that teach and inform without sounding preachy. We like stories that reflect the real world pilots face. Although we concentrate on general aviation pilots, we are willing to publish a story by an airline or military pilot if there’s some lesson or take-away for GA pilots.

What kind of stories do we not want? We know it when we read it, but we generally do not publish fiction, poetry, book reviews, academic papers (if your story has footnotes, it’s probably not for us), and multi-part stories. We also reject thinly-veiled advertising copy.

Here are some other broad guidelines:

The typical length of a story is 1000 to 1500 words, but we are willing to go a bit shorter or longer. Author-supplied photos are a huge plus, but not a necessity. We are willing to post a story that’s already been published elsewhere if you can prove you own the rights to the story. We request that your story be put into a Word document and sent to editor@airfactsjournal.com.

Then what?

Your story will be reviewed and you will be told within a week if your story has been accepted. If it has, we will request a 100-word bio and aviation-themed photo of yourself to include with the story. Next, your story is placed on our schedule and we will alert you the day the story is published.

Every pilot has a story or two (or ten) inside them — please share one of yours.