tyndal glacier
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tyndal glacier

The view: Flying up the Tyndall Glacier at the head of Icy Bay

The pilot: Curtin Penner

The airplane: Bearhawk Patrol

The mission: Bucket list Alaska trip

The memory: Too many to describe – it’s surreal.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    Beautiful picture of the glacier!

    But I just gotta ask: Doesn’t anyone with a fancy camera look at the picture before posting? All I see is a gigantic tail wheel over powering the airplane. Just because the camera comes with fancy software doesn’t mean you have to use it without making sure the picture looks right.

    • Mosstrooper
      Mosstrooper says:

      I think that Dan’s comment is a bit harsh. As a representation of the situation, I think the format and content works. Not every image needs to represent the “Real World as we see it”, and I think – a personal view, of course – is that Curtis has caught the atmosphere very well…a small aeroplane in a big landscape which emphasises that it’s vulnerable. We might think, for example, “What happens if the engine fails now?” or, from a non-aviators perspective ” What a beautiful view”. Each to his/her own.

  2. Mosstrooper
    Mosstrooper says:

    I can appreciate the image but some info on how it was created would be good. A 360 camera on a boom, perhaps? Whatever you used, I’d be grateful for the info on how it was mounted, camera type and all that low-level tech stuff that might enable all of us to do something similar.


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