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Friday Photo: Pure Michigan sunset

You’ve probably seen the ads for Pure Michigan, promoting the state’s natural beauty. That’s what came to mind for Tim Crawford after taking this shot. He stopped to capture the moment after a Father’s Day flight, with his Diamond DA40 in the foreground and the setting sun lighting up the background.

A day in the traffic pattern brings unexpected joy

When I walked into the office, I brought my study guides, notes, and lesson plans fully ready to call it a day and start discussing aircraft systems and emergency procedures. To my surprise, my instructor looked at me and said, “Let’s do some traffic pattern work here at PTK; we need to get you in the air.”

Friday Photo: a Diamond over Detroit

Composite wings are good for a lot of things. While low drag is first on the list, they also do a great job of reflecting the colors of the sky, as this photo from Tim Crawford shows. The pinks and oranges from the sun are visible above, while the glowing lights of Detroit are visible below. Even better? This photo was taken on Tim’s wife’s first general aviation flight.