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Friday Photo: Colombian rainbow

“Sometimes the combination of mountains and tropical weather brings you the opportunity to witness beautiful views, even when you are on long final,” says Santiago Arbelaez. That’s certainly true of this beautiful Friday Photo, which shows a rainbow just under the wing of his Cessna 185.

Friday Photo: safe from the storm

In tropical countries storms build up very fast; you must be aware of that and take care of you and your plane. That’s what Santiago Arbelaez is doing in this week’s Friday Photo. It shows his 1954 Piper Pacer tied down at Tolu, Colombia, in preparation for a nasty storm.

Friday Photo: chasing the shadow

Even after 10,000 hours, Claudia Garces loves the thrill of landing. Of course, when your airport is 4,950 ft above sea level, in the middle of a city surrounded by mountains, it is a little more interesting. “Every landing is an exercise of concentration and precision, and that’s exactly what makes it special.”

Friday Photo: a wingtip rainbow in Colombia

When you’re practicing aerobatics, it helps to have a good visual reference for your maneuvers. Santiago Arbelaez found the perfect one on a flight in his RV-4 – a vivid rainbow off the right wing. Here’s hoping 2019 brings you many spectacular views like this from the cockpit.