Friday Photo: forest fire off the wing

Jim Yares took this photo while flying his Cirrus from Buchanan Field in Concord, CA, to North Las Vegas, NV, via the famous “Trona Corridor” — a VFR path cut through the Edwards Air Force Base complex. This is a great way to get from Northern California to Las Vegas without going high over the hostile mountain terrain of the central Sierra Nevada.

Friday Photo: sun peeks out behind a storm

The fourth picture in our celebration of Friday Photo Weekend shows the power of Mother Nature. Jim Yares was commuting from Northern California to Southern California in a Cirrus SR22 when he saw the sun breaking out underneath a dark cloud. He captured this stunning photo, which is at once beautiful and intimidating.

Friday photo: marine layer at night

Big city lights? Check. Ocean? Check. Marine layer rolling in? Check. Jim Yares shares a beautiful picture in this week’s Friday photo, one that combines a city view, a sunset and a unique weather phenomenon. Just another view that’s only possible from an airplane.

Friday photo: marine layer

Our latest stunning cockpit photo is a good reminder why an instrument rating is handy in California. Jim Yares was flying his son home from a hockey tournament in San Diego when he popped above the marine layer and saw this gorgeous sunset.