Friday Photo: Yosemite waterfalls

Although I’ve been to Yosemite a number of times I have never overflown. My friend, plane owner, and pilot Mike has never been there so we took the opportunity. Later, when I was able to better view the pictures, I found that shooting through his windows somehow gave the pictures a black and white appearance.

Friday Photo: Fresno sunset

Fathers, sons, and airplanes – it’s a powerful combination. George White says, “While we spend time together often this was the first time in quite some time that we spent the entire day together like this. I don’t think I will soon forgot watching him fly (only his 2nd or 3rd time in the plane) and thinking now he understands the joy and passion I have for flying.”

Friday Photo: Blue Cut Fire

Peter Hudson (photographer) and I happened to witness Mother Nature in all her fury as the “Blue Cut Fire” raged on day one. The awe of the strength of a wildfire like this is quickly tempered by the enormous consequences it has to everyone and anything in its path.

Friday Photo: desert sunrise

We just happened to be in the right position as the sun burst through the clouds, not only illuminating the sky but also painting a brilliant yellow strip on the underside of our wing. Just as quickly, the sun was again obscured but we had a great beginning to our day. It’s been referenced before but on most days the view from a pilot’s office just can’t be matched.