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dawn departure
The view: Low IFR departure just prior to dawn

The pilot: Douglas Cole

The airplane: King Air E-90

The mission: Transporting company personnel to a job site in Lewiston, ID with several stops on the way.

The memory: The King Air E-90 I fly on occasion is based at the Bellingham International Airport (KBLI) and is operated by a local firm to transport company personnel to various job sites around the area.  In October we were heading to Lewiston, ID with several stops on the way.  We had made a low-IFR departure from the Bellingham International Airport (KBLI) just prior to dawn and broke out on top  around 4500’ MSL.  For being such a crummy day on the ground, this view upon breaking out was just stunning.  We fly with two pilots so I asked the copilot to take the controls for a minute while I captured the scene on my iPhone.


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  1. Low Wings
    Low Wings says:

    Stunning indeed! Also poking their heads above the murk appear to be a couple of the volcanos in the Cascade Range. From north to south, they can be denoted by the acronymn BRASH (Baker, Rainier, Adams St Helens, and Hood).

    Views like this are reserved for the fortunate few who venture forth on cloudy and gloomy days to the sunshine and blue skies above. Thanks for sharing!


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