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The view: Deviating around an afternoon thunderstorm.

The pilot: Pete Hodges

The airplane: Piper Cherokee

The mission: Flying home from Dexter, Michigan (2E8) to Culpeper, VA (CJR).

The memory: There was a chance of scattered showers developing later in the day along my route and as I neared my destination, ATC called and suggested I divert around a thunderstorm along my route. After putting the airplane away, I sent my sister this picture. I forgot about it until she gave me a framed reprint for Christmas. I thanked her and asked what made her enjoy it so much?  She said “You fly a lot so you don’t realize that most people will never see a site like that in their entire lifetime, and that is what makes that picture so special. ”

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Pete Hodges
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  1. Pete Hodges
    Pete Hodges says:

    I guess my profile needs to be updated! You all have good eyes! Yes, I sold my Cherokee in 2018 and bought a 1964 Mooney M20E in in 2019. It is an early style, all mechanical airplane with the teardrop side windows and I really like it. It is not quite as forgiving at lower airspeed as my Cherokee was, but it will get into all the short airstrips I routinely use. It takes off shorter, climbs better, flies faster, and burns less fuel than the Cherokee did, but I need a bit more room to land it and I have to be more careful with it in stiff crosswinds. I get better with it the longer I fly it and I am very happy that I bought it.

    I had forgotten about submitting this picture and I hope you all like it. Sorry about the incorrect airplane description, I guess I didn’t put Mooney in the submission. One Miracle at a time.


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