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The view: Touchdown on centerline for runway 19 at 0W3

The airplane: Cessna 172S

The pilot: David Smith

The mission: Adjust airspeed on final to eliminate ballooning and hit centerline.

The memory: Watch airspeed, fly to the centerline, look down the end of the runway.

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David Smith
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  1. Alan Pugh
    Alan Pugh says:

    When I was a student pilot and unaware that landing on the centerline was a FAR, I was lucky to be anywhere on the runway and thought of it as the fast lane & the slow lane. Then I became more consistent and precise.

    • David Smith
      David Smith says:

      Thanks Alan for the comment, I remember my examiner for my private pilot certificate said to me at the end of my check ride – “did you notice you always land left of the center line?” I felt like saying, “did you notice I always land ON the runway,” lol

      • Carson Wagner
        Carson Wagner says:

        Lol. That perfectly describes my landings (I’m a student pilot), especially with a crosswind. With me, I’m lucky to be within five miles of the runway.

  2. David Smith
    David Smith says:

    I soloed 6/3/68. Yes 1968! One of the things that my CFI really emphasized that really stuck after all of these years was to land in the middle of the runway, but there was no centerline. After solo, I flew into LBB and I thought, this is cheating! They actually marked the center of the runway!!
    Actually, I am David Smith!! Safe Flying!

  3. Hunter Heath
    Hunter Heath says:

    One of the most satisfying things I did in my early flight experience was to put the old Musketeer right on the centerline after approach in a strong, gusty crosswind. As for a few other rewarding experiences in life, the first time was the best!


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